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Curvy Log Cabin

This is a collection of modern log cabin designs that are all made using the curvy log cabin block.  The block is fast and fun to piece and uses various 2½" strips plus a contrasting background.  Blocksize:  10½" square.
Choose from 3 quilt settings and 6 sizes.    Cut pieces from bright or medium fabrics, scraps, or yardage.  Separate the strips and keep them the same within each log cabin arc:  bright for the outer arc, medium for the middle arc, and an accent fabric for the starting corner.

Below are the cutting instructions for a single block as shown in the diagram below.  
Cutting Instructions for the different settings start on page 2.  

Version 1 - Feeling Groovy:             Size 1:  36½" x 43½", Size 2:  55½" x 76½"
Version 2 - Chopped and Shuffled:   Size 1:  30½" x 40½", Size 2:  50½" x 60½"
Version 3 - Rainbow Rising:             Size 1:  42½" x 56½", Size 2:  56½" x 56½"