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Halloween Mini-Mystery

Halloween Mini-Mystery

Get your popcorn and sewing supplies
Something new and spooky is happening at Southwind Designs.
It's a riveting Mini-Mystery delivered by email.
Four spooky and unique blocks will be delivered in 8 spooky parts!

  • The mystery starts on the 21st of September
    Emails will go out twice weekly in September and October, Tuesdays, and Fridays
  • The mystery clues are emailed until 15 October 2021. 

  • Clues and instructions are for four spooky and never published blocks.
    Each block is unique and is presented in two parts.

  • Fabrics are identified by value and color:
    Look through your collection of Halloween Fabrics or use your favorite Halloween Colors. 
    Both themed, print, and solid fabrics will work well and you are not limited to specific Fabrics.

Join in on some extra fun at the end of the mystery and participate in the block setting challenge. 
Use at least three of the four mystery blocks in a setting of your choice and be entered in a spooky drawing.